About Stein

Stein Erik Egeberg (born 1956 in Norway) has inspired and educated people to achieve progress and success for more than 20 years.

Through courses, seminars and consulting he has encouraged growth and positive changes for both individual people and businesses. Now, he offers the same opportunities to everyone. In this book he presents the information and advice given in his successful seminars and gives the reader the tasks and the tools to succeed. In addition to sound, practical advice, he inspires the reader with photos taken during his travels and work around the world.


Stein Erik Egeberg has degrees in both engineering and economy. He has dedicated most of his professional life to human resources since he founded The Norwegian School of Sales in 1989.

Photography has always been a vital source for development and innovation. Communication, personal development and sales are among the key areas of Mr. Egeberg's training and consulting.

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