DIGITAL AGE - THE NEW ONLINE RECRUITMENT PROGRAM "Makes the Impossible Possible" takes recruitment and selection to a new level. This amazing online tool allows you to receive the applicants' personality profile as well as their CV, attachments and photo upon receipt of their application. The integrated profile analysis enables you to execute the very first selection of candidates based on both personality and professional background! 

And this is not the only groundbreaking advantage; the applicants will be automatically ranked according to your most important qualification for each position. This means you can save 90% of the time that you usually need to go through and rank the candidates. offers you further money- and time saving benefits, as you will have a most efficient way of handling all positions and applicants. This includes quick and professional response to each applicant, distribution of applicants listing, individual notes and more. "makes the impossible possible", and let you increase accuracy in the selection process right from the start. Finally there is a program that utilize the benefits of the Digital Age.

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