“The Art of Life – Make the Changes You Desire” will help you and guide you to achieve exactly what the title says. You will learn how real people with different background have succeeded in making significant changes in their life. You can read the complete book or start with any of the nine compact, easy-to-read books in the series. You will be provided with methodical information and advice given in my popular seminars and through my coaching. You will acquire rewarding insight and you will be further encouraged by clear and helpful tasks. In short, these books will enable you to make your desired changes and to reach your goals..

The complete book is available in English, German and Norwegian.

The nine separate books are so far only available in English.

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  • ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS - How to cross the finish line

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    Achieving Your Goals

    Most of us find it is easier to set goals than to achieve them. The book will help you cross that finish line and finally achieve your goal, regardless of how many times you may have tried given up. By reading this book, you will learn about how to define your goal in a most encouraging and lasting way. You will see why obstacles are not what they seem to be and the most important; you are provided with the decisive tool that you have missed before. Now you will finally be able to cross that finish line and reap the waiting benefits! 

  • HAVE MORE TIME - How you master your time

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    Have more time

    Should you really do the best you can? You will have an eye-opening answer to this thought-provoking question. The book also describes the reasons and the deeds behind the secrets of how to master your time, including teaching you the magic question that actually owns the power to give you more time! The tools and tasks will support and guide you, enabling you to master your time.    

  • LIVING YOUR DREAM - Create your own destiny

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    Living Your Dream

    You deserve a healthy, happy future. This book encourages you to take a closer look at yourself and learn how to recognize and utilize your strengths and capabilities. Be assured, you do possess qualities and resources to achieve and blossom. Other people, whom you see have achieved something you may desire, are people just like you. The difference is, they have done some things that you have not done - so far. With the presented strategic, effective “recipe”, you will find your strong sides and see what you can develop further. The given tasks guide you to an awareness of how your abilities, motivation and attitude will make you live your dream.

  • SEE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES - Making confident decisions for your prosperous future

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    See Your Opportunities

    You know where you are in your life right now. This book is about making the right choices for your life ahead. It provides you with a simple, yet powerful tool that you can use when deciding where to go next, no matter where you are heading. You will also learn how to respond to the never-ending feedback you receive all through the day, and how you can use all types of feedback to your advantage. Your future comes with lots of options and challenges where your ability to set the right course will decide the outcome. The book will enable you to make the right decision for a prosperous future.

  • THE ART OF LIFE - Make the Changes You Desire

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    Not just a book, but a 4-in-1 coaching and motivating package!

    Have you ever wanted to change the course of your life and live your dreams, but you just didn’t know where to begin? Did you ever wish that you had your own personal life coach to guide you through the complexities of life? If so, this book is for you. 

  • THE CHOICE OF PATH - How did you get here, and where are you going?

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    The Choice of Path

    This book is about your life. How did you get here, and where you are going. You will see that what you experience in your life is basically reactions to actions, and you will learn how changing your response to what happens in your life will determine a positive outcome. The additional simple yet efficient tasks will help you better understand the past and prepare for a prosperous future. A life pattern can be altered, and this book will encourage and inspire you.

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